What others are saying about this book

Self-emancipation teaches us about our physical and spiritual states, and how to achieve a higher level of consciousness using real-world, practical techniques.

Reynaldo Martinez

E.T. begins his mastery with our ability to liberate ourselves from our dungeon of the mind. Then he leaves us alone to find our own identity in the darkness of our unconscious actions; but then, again, he lightens our way into the freedom of spirituality, where there is only eternity.

Ringwald Trond Hanssen

Self-emancipation is therapeutic reading-matter for learning how to free ourselves from dependence on material stuff, while showing the way to transform our body energy into the enjoyment of pure soul.

Laurent Tafforeau

The experience of Self-emancipation is individual because it depends on our will to free ourselves from immoderate and inappropriate pleasures, all in the purpose of rebirth in the beauty of spirituality, and passionately growing our own happiness.

Nancy Palazuelos Watros

Occupied with many interests, chasing just physical pleasures, we could not wish for a better view of those actions that keep us away from our happiness, and from our pure soul. This book teaches us how to grow and achieve what we are longing for.

Jessee Rulli

Self-emancipation shows us exercises and ways to triumph over mechanical and established actions in order to become intimate with the soul, where lies a reconciliation between malign desires and simple happiness.

Angelica Camejo

Dedicated to spirituality, E.T.’s efficient and simple practice teaches us that achieving immortality of the soul is not just waiting for happiness, but is a fight for knowledge, in order to learn how to identify with the best part of yourself.

Herman Schweig

A line of spiritual, mental and physical exercises that show the way and build the bridge to cross from the jungle of the mind to an awareness of happiness by making souls immortal; like God’s gift for those who want to and know how to find that immortality.

Nycky Comyn Platt

This is a reliable and applicable mastery against that raw aspiration to enjoy the physical and material; and, at the same time, it shows us how to read the signs that allow us to fully integrate our soul into our lives.

Cynthia McMahon

This book gives us an amazing story about growing our perceptions and, deciphering all the negativities of our instinctive wish for prosperity, where only the illusion of tranquility lies. E.T. is an interpreter of happiness and also a teacher of the soul’s potential in which we can only find ourselves as happy people.

Rey Lewis