Enes Trumic was born on Dec 20th 1966 in Tuzla (Bosnia Herzegovina) as the seventh child in a family of seven. His passion of science fiction movies and fairy-tale like stories from his childhood until his teenage years transformed in to an interest for psychiatry, philosophy, Para-psychiatry, religion, yoga, eastern martial arts, Taoism and everything else that had any relation to human mind and supernatural phenomenon.

At the same time interest toward paranormal things didn’t stop E.T. to fully enjoy materiel life. Living in a villa on the Adriatic shore, alcohol, women, parties and all other bodily pleasures for some time were giving E.T. satisfaction but at 23 years of age he became tired of all that.

This is what E.T. said:

“More and more I was losing interest for ordinary life. Things were repeating themselves. Chewing what was already chewed. Eat, drink, sleep, sex, sports and art were all limited sensual pleasures. Each of these things, we call pleasure has its beginning, it reaches some top point and after that disappear, while leaving some feelings of emptiness within us. The worst is that all what we repeat daily will be finished the moment we die. Why go through all of life’s dramas when we have to die in the end? Some of my friend’s solution for death and how to prolong own lives were seeing in leaving their descendants. This idea sounds encouraging but in my opinion is based on good wishes but not on reality. After I die my son will still carry my name but that doesn’t mean he is me or I am him. I never called my father grandfather and neither had he called me grandson.”

E.T. was observing the life of ordinary people and was asking himself: “Is this ordinary life the maximum experience for human being?” He tried out all pleasures materiel life can offer but deep within himself he felt boredom, discontentment and frustration. E.T. came to the point in his life when he realized that the rest of his life will only be repetition and because of that, life is without real purpose.

Fortunately one event changed E.T.’s life. This is what he said about it:

“One day I was sitting in a bar and drinking a tea when suddenly something happened in my consciousness. From nowhere I stopped to be my personality. I became a witness of my own life and everything else around me. People and things I was looking at, all became movie on the screen of my consciousness. All my life, my thoughts, desires, fears, physical body, etc. were part of the movie. I realized that the entire human race expect maybe a small number of individuals, live in an illusion without knowing it. All of us accepted our roll in life as the only reality without knowing that we are actors/ actresses in the world’s theater. We don’t have clue that there is another dimension of existence that is reality.”

I understood that my inner mental world and outer materiel world is only the tip of ice-berg. The real existence and real purpose of life is hidden under the curtain of this visible world. This insight into truth which lasted 10 seconds has changed Trumic’s life completely.

His life finally got real purpose. To go within our self, to discover true identity, uncover the mystery of life became Trumic’s aim. However achieving that goal in this ocean of human ignorance wasn’t an easy task at all. The first couple of years after the event in the bar while practicing different methods of spiritual development E.T. tried to make progress within himself but without real success. As it was said – Knock and the door will be opened to you. Finally E.T. found technique which gave positive results. In order to speed up his own development Trumic decided to follow the monk’s discipline in his own house. Daily long lasting meditations, vegetarian diet, celibacy, living without materiel disturbance (no alcohol, no smoking, no radio, TV, computer, no negative people etc.), brought E.T. rapid progress. Finally the rays of spiritual light started to shine through E.T.’s personality. One year of strict discipline gave E.T. knowledge about the mind’s functions. He realized that he didn’t need to follow strict discipline any more. The spiritual foundation he built and living in accordance with spiritual principles were enough for the continuation of his development. E.T. returned to normal life while following the principles for physical, mental and spiritual progress. The ordinary, materiel life stopped being his enemy and became the source of real joy.

Fifteen years have passed since event in the cafe and he is now happy man. E.T. knows how to find unconditional love, immortality, freedom, peace etc. He knows that our salvation lies in our own hands. The leaders of the human society have stolen ordinary human’s ability to be happy. They are full of fear and rule the rest of the world by the fear.

They are telling us that happiness existed only in the past and may occur in the future. Of course they are wrong. Through E.T.’s example (who is car-mechanic by profession, with average physical and mental potentials) we see that we don’t need to be special in anything in order to achieve the highest human values in life. We can be happy here and now. We are kings and queens who are sleeping and dreaming that we are beggars. It is time that we awake and live the royal life. The begging has lasted to long; the treasure of real human life is waiting on us. In his book Self emancipation, E.T. is giving simple and practical instructions how to achieve balance between materiel and spiritual energies and how to live life at 200%.