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There are two things common for all living beings: suffering and happiness. None of us want to suffer, and we all want to be happy. Whether we admit it or not, we all want to achieve our goals with the least amount of possible suffering and sacrifices. However, that seems to become a mission impossible.

The bee is sitting in the middle of the honey jar enjoying itself. The moment it wants to fly away it realizes that its wings are trapped in honey, and the honey, the source of pleasure, unexpectedly becomes the source of agony and ultimate death. The other bee is sitting on the edge of the honey jar, also enjoying itself. The moment it is done enjoying, it spreads its wings and flies away.

Indiana Jones, the famous Spielberg hero, lost treasure hunter, adventurer and scientist, is always ready to decode mystical letters and riddles. On every adventure, in order to find the lost treasure, he must be able to pass all kinds of exams that test his physical, emotional and intellectual abilities. Of course, in the end he always passes every test. Each and every one of us would like to live a life of Indiana Jones, every day a new adventure, discovering something new. A journey into the unfamiliar. Going through all tests without the possibility of being truly hurt. How wonderful that would be, a life without boredom. With every new test passed, with every new riddle solved, we would be closer to that lost treasure, that elixir of immortality.

I finally realized why I loved movies about Indiana Jones. I am Indiana Jones. By watching his movies I was seeing myself. Indiana Jones is in the movies what I am in real life, or to say it better, what I could have been. Subconsciously I knew that it was me played by Indiana Jones! Although I lived a life of an ordinary man, there was a superior I inside of me. I, who was meant to be a researcher and traveler into the unknown, I, who will never be satisfied with shallow life and who will not rest until he finds that hidden treasure, that elixir of immortality. But the bee, I, was sitting in the middle of the honey jar, and that was my mistake.

More unconsciously than consciously, I tried to find a way to liberate myself from the trap I was in. When I realized that intellectual puzzling, believing or disbelieving would not help me, I developed an interest in more practical methods with a positive outcome. Techniques I performed brought success very quickly. For the first time in my life, I realized that there is a shore of salvation, and I do not have to drown in the ocean of ignorance like most others do. By swimming with full strokes, I reached the shore and got out. When the last sticky layers fall off my wings, soon, I will fly up into new heights. Of course that is not the end of the world. That is just the end of suffering and a beginning of a new path, a path toward immortality, freedom and happiness.

Dear reader, you are also Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is just a symbol of an adventurous, discovering and creative spirit within you. Spirit does not depend on body. You can still live the life of Indiana Jones no matter which sex or age you are or what psychophysical condition you are in. It is possible to travel without movement, to see without eyes, to listen without ears, to be exposed to risk without risking. Nothing is impossible; everything is possible, but only for those who have an open mind.

I am sitting on the edge of a jar, but in order for you to see me you should at least for the moment be open-minded and read this book objectively. This book is not a novel whose aim is to amuse you and draw your attention. There will be things in this book you will not agree with. Especially in the first few chapters, your mind may react narrowly. But breaking the mirror simply because we do not like how we look in it will not help.

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