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E.T. begins his mastery with our ability to liberate ourselves from our dungeon of the mind. Then he leaves us alone to find our own identity in the darkness of our unconscious actions; but then, again, he lightens our way into the freedom of spirituality, where there is only eternity.

Ringwald Trond Hanssen

Self-emancipation teaches us about our physical and spiritual states, and how to achieve a higher level of consciousness using real-world, practical techniques.

Reynaldo Martinez

Roger ”Redhawk” Bucholz, Ph.D.

If you want to develop your own potential; if you want to gather yourself in one place, one energy; if you want to dismiss the devil from your microcosmos; if you want to reach the divine feeling of peace; if you want to cherish your own emotional intelligence, which is not the same as academic intelligence; if you want to find  … read more

dr. Igor Borkovsky, ph. D.

Enes Trumic has successfully integrated his philosophy of “self-emancipation” with his experiential training in the martial arts with its concomitant aspects of meditation, concentration, and purification of the… read more

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